Dr. Kamran Zafar

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Founder and CEO

Dr. Kamran Zafar’s talents solidified after 24 years as the Managing Director for a $180- billion-dollar international financial group, helping many executives reach their goals in the corporate world. Dr. Zafar was responsible for the daily opertion of the business and also for training and counseling individuals to succeed in the business and in their personal life by teaching how to change their thought processes and their belief system.

Dr. Zafar expanded his education through University of California San Diego with Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certifications and Interpersonal Skills Counselor Certifications. Prior to this, he had earned several degrees, first in Business at the United States International University of San Diego, and the second, a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University for Humanistic Study, San Diego. Kamran first joined with Sharp Vista Pacifica as a chemical dependency counselor and further at Casa Palmera as an Eating Disorder and chemical dependency Counselor before starting La Jolla Healing Center 13 years ago.

“I strongly believe that our client’s success is our success and their failure is our failure.”
– Dr. Kamran Zafar

“Welcome to La Jolla Healing Center, my name is Kamran and I’ve been in recovery over 30 years. I know how lonely it gets, I have been there. “Are you feeling tired, ashamed, hopeless…. Can’t keep up with your daily routine, emotional for no reason? Have you told yourself ‘I will not do this anymore’ and find out you are not able to? I can help you. I specialize in various types of addictions. Addiction is a symptom not the cause. I work with people that are suffering from alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, and most dual diagnoses. My style is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and coaching.

I believe we can change addictive behavior by changing our belief system and recognizing denial patterns. The three most common problems people suffer from addiction are compulsive behavior, instant gratification, and not self-soothing. With education, individual and group therapy, we can regain the confidence and self-respect we have lost.

I believe in the spiritual AND cognitive aspects of recovery, and use both in individual and group sessions.

I am comfortable working with people of various ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It’s important to me to create for my clients, a comfortable and safe environment with love and understanding.”

– Dr. Kamran Zafar