Many people believe that alcoholism isn’t as dangerous as drug addiction, which is why they tend to disregard its dangers. In reality, that’s false; if you’re a victim of alcohol addiction, you need urgent assistance now! At La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, we have a variety of ways to help correct your problems.

Our alcohol treatment in San Diego County functions according to the highest standards in the practice and their popularity today is proof of their success. Compared to other institutions in the business, we consider alcohol rehabilitation to be a more intricate mechanism than most think.

Because of this, we approach this disorder from a multidisciplinary perspective, taking the useful and the relevant from each discipline. The procedures we use include:

Clinical detoxification – The clinical detox refers to using medication to contain withdrawal, along with the symptoms associated with it. The benefits include physical and psychological recovery, as well as supporting the cognitive and emotional stability.

The 12-Step Program – It’s the same type of program Alcoholics Anonymous use and its whole foundation lies in harnessing the benefits of spirituality. Our specialists will teach you the value of empathy, honesty, ethics, and spiritual awakening. You’ll learn the assets that make you a good person, which include responsibility and respect towards yourself and others.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP is the best choice for people who, for various reasons, can’t afford to enter an inpatient program. Some have familial or professional duties that they cannot postpone, in which case IOP is the right option. It’s a popular program relying on a weekly schedule, rather than using a full-time hospitalization program. For information on the programs included in the IOP, visit our website!

Family Education and Interaction – Our alcohol treatment in San Diego County includes family education as one of the pillars of our rehab program. Your loved ones will learn how to identify early signs of addiction or relapse, and what to do to help you as soon as possible. We also teach family members how to assist you during the recovery period, making sure you will remain sober throughout the years.

The relapse prevention mechanism – Relapse prevention encompasses multiple procedures, with the goal of supporting your sobriety as part of the social reintegration mechanism. We’ll help you become more responsible, more confident in your ability to control your cravings, and more knowledgeable and aware of your potential. You are in control of your life; all we do is teach you the best ways to exert that control.

The road to a better future

Our alcohol treatment in San Diego County is the result of years or research in fields like medicine, psychiatry, spiritual recovery and other social sciences. We’re looking for efficiency and long-lasting effects in everything we do.

At La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, we help people rediscover their real potential. Everyone deserves a second chance, and we urge you to come and claim yours before it’s too late! We’ll keep the door open for you!

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