Struggling with drug addiction for years is never a reasonable option. If you’re having problems with consistent drug abuse and addiction, you need help today! La Jolla Addiction Healing Center is your best choice if you want long-lasting results fast.

When talking about prolonged drug addiction, the recovery process can be difficult and complex. If you don’t go with professionals, your chances of recovery are slim to non-existent. We have created our drug treatment programs in San Diego County using the most modern clinical approaches, and with the help of a team of talented and experienced people.

Some of our leading programs include:

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP is a popular program in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and it represents the foundation upon which we build our rehab strategy. The outpatient program is an excellent option for those who cannot join an inpatient treatment due to social, educational, or familial tasks. Instead of 24/7 supervision and a full-time hospitalization, IOP focuses on finding common ground between your daily obligations and the rehab program.

We have a multitude of sub-programs included in the IOP, such as;

  • Nutrition advice
  • Building communication and social skills
  • Relapse prevention mechanisms
  • Anger Management Therapy
  • Education on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and
  • Career and Educational Counseling

These programs form the foundation of our rehab treatment, and they only represent a part of the entire rehab strategy. If you want more info on our programs, contact us online, by phone, or come straight to one of our centers!

12-Step and Non-12-Step Program

Our 12-Step Program is similar to that of Alcoholics Anonymous, and it focuses on treating the person as a whole, instead of limiting to the symptoms of the disorder. If you sign in the outpatient program, you’ll need to attend regular meetings, where our specialists will walk you through the strategy.

The goals of the 12-Step Program include:

  • Harnessing the power of faith to support your spiritual healing
  • Addressing emotional traumas
  • Building a stronger personality and promoting confidence and self-esteem
  • Promoting social interactions and social inclusion, etc

Integrative and Holistic practices

These rehabilitation procedures will prove useful in the long-term recovery. They’re part of the relapse prevention mechanisms and focus on addressing the four major segments defining a person’s life:

  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality and
  • Social interactions

We have created a rehabilitation system that uses these factors to provide you with a comprehensive rehab process. We’re not only interested in treating your problems, but in restoring your social functioning as well. In our view, a healthy individual is a happy one, and we use this philosophy to guide our programs.

If you’re looking for top drug treatment programs in San Diego County, you need to visit us today! Our family welcomes you to La Jolla Addiction Healing Center. We know different people have different stories to share, and we can’t wait to hear yours! Call us whenever you feel ready, and let’s talk about building your future!

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