Intervention for Addiction: When and Why

People who struggle with addiction are often in denial about their situation and unwilling to seek treatment. They may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others. An intervention presents your loved one with a structured opportunity to make changes before things get even worse and can motivate someone to seek or accept help.

An intervention is a carefully planned process that may be done by family and friends, in consultation with a doctor or professional such as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, or directed by an intervention professional (interventionist). It sometimes involves coworkers, clergy members or others who care about the person struggling with addiction. During the intervention, these people gather together to confront the person about the consequences of addiction and ask him or her to accept treatment.

Interventions address the fact that addiction is a disease affecting you and your family–not just the addict. Family and close friends of an addict frequently ask for intervention assistance when an addict has already received counseling and recovery services. When an addict no longer respects boundaries set by you, family members and close friends and refuses to get help, arranging an intervention is essential for saving the life of the addict and restoring normal family functioning.

With a credentialed Interventionist on staff at La Jolla Healing Center and counselors qualified and trained in interventions, we can help you, you family and motivate the addict to seek the necessary help they may need to fight and control their addiction. If you’ve read this you probably have questions and we are here to confidentially answer them. Please call 858-454-4357 and speak to one our qualified Team.