Managing Chronic Pain

Managing Chronic Pain2018-12-14T05:35:12+00:00

We offer Paint Management at La Jolla Healing Center

Our Medical Director

Dr. Patricia M. Lutfy, MD, DC.

Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Clinical Specialties:

Pain management for traumatic injuries, neurologic, post-surgical and chronic conditions

  • Opioid tapering and Suboxone treatment
  • Acupuncture for pain, detox and addiction
  • Myofascial and joint manipulation
  • Joint and trigger point injections
  • Botox for headaches and spasticity
  • Regenerative and functional medicine
  • Sports medicine, nutrition and exercise counseling

Prescription Drug Dependence

Many people who become dependent on prescription pills are in a LOT of pain, and have legitimate need for strong painkillers such as opioids. Maybe it started with a back surgery, or a knee replacement, or a mastectomy. Regardless, our bodies build up a tolerance to almost everything we ingest, and in order for the same pills to curb the pain, a higher dosage is needed. Dependence is sneaky, and can go easily unnoticed (at first).

Our goal is to assess dependence, and develop a treatment plan that addresses your pain AND your well-being. There are a variety of options available to you if you’re concerned you or a loved one may be developing a dependence to a prescription.

Contact one of our counselors for a confidential consultation. Individual needs vary; our treatment team will collaborate to develop a plan tailored to your optimal health and well-being.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Patricia Lutfy, is a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, and has extensive experience treating patients with chronic pain. She is certified to provide Suboxone when necessary. For those who are unable to stop taking their prescription pain killers entirely, she may incorporate other techniques, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and trigger point injections.  Her approach is holistic and multi-modal, and is tailored to each person’s specific needs in order to create an ideal healing environment.