The Path to Recovery isn't Simple...Accept Help and Support

Taking the first step towards recovery may be the hardest yet most important step you take in your life. How you choose to recover from a substance use disorder or addiction may determine how successful your recovery is. We understand how difficult that first step is and you should be congratulated on taking it by looking into getting the qualified help you need fromLJAHC Logo people who have been there themselves.

Determining the level of care you require for any stage of addiction and recovery is vitally important to long term sobriety and fulfillment in life. Our staff are trained to assess the correct level of care quickly and confidentially. La Jolla Addiction Healing Center was created to help people at all levels of substance use address and treat the underlying causes that lead to addiction and prepare clients to live life on life’s terms.

You are not alone in your struggles with addiction and co-occurring mental challenges. At La Jolla Addiction Healing Center we fight addiction. At all levels. By people who have been there and spent years educating themselves, learning what works best in the field of addiction, and passionately caring for the success recovery of anyone who battles a substance use disorder. We also assist with associated legal issues, family conflict, and personal growth. We are here to help and urge you to call and confidentially speak with an assessment counselor.

Your anonymity is guaranteed. (858) 454-HELP (4357)