You’re using drugs for a long time, and now you fear you may have become addicted? At La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, we have the perfect solution for you: our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Drug addiction is a brutal mental disorder that may advance to extreme forms. In time, it will affect your mental and emotional integrity, your health, and the relationships with the ones you love.

If you’ve been looking for an outpatient drug rehab near me in San Diego, you’ve reached the right place. Our IOP is designed to accommodate everyone, especially people who can’t afford to enroll in an inpatient program due to social obligations. The benefits of working with professionals during the recovery period are obvious:

A results-driven, multidisciplinary rehab treatment

Always beware of single-bullet rehab treatments. Some rehabilitation institutions rely upon one medical detoxification as the only rehab procedure, which does nothing in the long-term. Drug rehab victims who only result to clinical detox will relapse soon after the treatment is over. Sometimes they relapse before that point.

We’ve taken a different approach to the rehabilitation process. We use a variety of programs to not only treat your disorder but also to assist you during the long-term recovery process. Some of our most prominent programs include:

  • Detox assistance
  • 12-Step rehab program
  • Relapse prevention and coping skills
  • Career and educational counseling
  • Nutrition tips and workout training
  • Stress and anger management courses
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

For the full list of services, check our website or contact us directly! If you want to know whether you qualify for the program, it’s best to talk to one of our specialists over the phone or in person. Stop searching for an outpatient drug rehab near me in San Diego – you’ve already found it.

Patient-oriented programs

Although we have standard rehab programs, we always tailor them according to each of our patients’ needs. We will consider your symptoms, your medical history, behavioral display, other co-occurring disorders, and the substance you’re using, when building a personalized treatment.

This strategy will increase the effectiveness of the program and will help you recover faster and remain sober for longer. It’s what separates us from other rehab institutions, contributing to our success over the years.

Prolonged aftercare and support

The IOP is the ideal program when it comes to long-term aftercare support. Many rehabilitation institutions only offer an inpatient program, relying on full-time hospitalization and control. But if you don’t combine it with an effective and well-designed outpatient program, the risk of relapse will always be present.

Our IOP solves that problem by providing you with excellent support and assistance, while you continue to remain socially active. You don't need to look for a top outpatient drug rehab near me in San Diego anymore. You can find it here, in our centers!

Come to our La Jolla Addiction Healing Center and have our experts check on you! This is where your journey of renewal begins!

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