Few outpatient recovery programs in San Diego County can compare with those you’ll find at La Jolla Addiction Healing Center. While many other rehab facilities feel that a 30-day treatment program is long enough for patients to refocus their lives and make a lasting change, we know 30-days is just the beginning of the recovery process. We offer a wide range of programs and holistic treatment options designed to prevent relapse and result in long-term success in sobriety.

How We Help Patients Heal

We believe it’s a step-by-step process that leads to recovery and that to skip any step along the way will inevitably lead to relapse. For this reason, we’ve outlined the necessary steps for anyone ready to make a lasting change:

1. Seek treatment. No one can make the decision for another person to seek treatment, it must come from a genuine desire to see change. When you’re ready to get the help you need for addiction, we’ll be here for you. Call our compassionate staff to learn more about our programs and treatment options.

2. An evaluation is needed to determine whether detox is necessary prior to a residential treatment program. We are proud to offer one of the only outpatient recovery programs in San Diego County that can enable patients to go through detox while attending outpatient treatment. Our outpatient center works closely with licensed facilities in our community to provide a safe, comfortable place for our patients who need to detox. We can ensure a seamless transition from detox to treatment whenever necessary.

3. Our staff believes in the power of family education and interaction, which is why we offer a comprehensive program for family members to recognize the signs of use and to learn how to remain supportive of their loved ones. We have a long and successful history of educating families on alcohol and substance abuse. Reach out to a La Jolla AHC specialist for more information.

4. Find customized treatment. We believe in the 12 step program as one of the best ways to prevent relapse, but we also recognize that the 12 steps are not a perfect fit for everyone in recovery. If you’ve tried the 12 steps in the past and have found they were not helpful, we offer many non-12-step programs that have proven success with preventing relapse. We’ll help you find the right program for your situation when you call us to discuss treatment.

5. Prevent relapse at all costs. Our primary focus at La Jolla Addiction Healing Center is to empower our clients to experiences the stresses and emotional triggers of real-world situations without responding by using. For moments when you’re not sure whether you want to stay sober, we’ll make sure you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to avoid relapse.

You can learn more about our outpatient recovery programs in San Diego County by calling a recovery expert from our center or sending an email to our staff. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and tell you what we can do to help you stay sober.

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