Are you a victim of substance abuse and you’re looking for a way out? With La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, it’s now possible to leave addiction behind for good, and change your life radically. We know that joining an inpatient rehab program has a shock value to it, which is why we’ve created a friendlier version: the outpatient rehab program (IOP).

Our outpatient substance abuse program in San Diego County uses a variety of procedures to deliver reliable and long-lasting benefits. Some of the most prominent methods include:

Medication-assisted treatment – We use medication as a central tool to contain withdrawal manifestations, restore your cognitive and emotional functioning, and calm your behavior. The detoxification process usually lasts up to 14 weeks, and it aims at stabilizing your condition as fast as possible.

Anger and stress management – Many victims of substance addiction show signs of anxiety disorder, with anger and high-stress levels being prevalent. We use specific psychotherapies to reduce the level of stress and balance your overall behavior. An effective medication plan will also contribute to the process considerably.

Relapse and coping skills – Having a reliable relapse prevention mechanism is vital in promoting your recovery. It’s difficult to remain sober when you have so many social triggers to avoid, and when you need to contain your urges. Our specialists will teach you all you need to know about relapse prevention methods.

Nutrition tips and personal training – The recovery process should include significant lifestyle changes. We have experts in nutrition and fitness that will assist you along the way. Whether we’re talking about diet plans, workout routines, or any other lifestyle tips, we’ll be at your disposal with everything you need.

Career and educational counseling – One of the critical stages of the rehabilitation process is the social reintegration. This phase involves completing your education and start building a career. We will provide you with tips meant to increase your success as an independent and socially active individual.

Building self-esteem and confidence – If you don’t believe in your ability to regain control of your life, you won’t be able to recover successfully. The same goes for remaining sober throughout the years. We use a variety of therapies whose only goal is to aid in your emotional and spiritual healing. Our 12-Step Program is ideal for building your self-esteem and help you become more confident and determined.

One step closer to complete freedom

All victims of substance abuse and addiction walk into a vicious circle. Withdrawal will keep you back from escaping your cravings, and it will slowly degrade and destroy your life. We have a solution for you.

Our outpatient substance abuse program in San Diego County ranks among the leading rehab programs in the business. We not only treat the physical and mental disorders, but we also help rebuild the human being as a whole.

Contact us, at La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, and regain your lost freedom! End substance abuse today, and claim your right to a brighter future!

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