If you woke up this morning and reached for a bottle of prescription pills before you even knew what time it was, it may be time to consider spending a bit of time in rehab. Oxy and other Rx drugs cause a lot of bad problems for good people.

Once guests complete a stint at San Diego rehab centers, the addict's work is not over. That's why La Jolla Addiction Healing Center is pleased to offer housing options for those who might otherwise go right back to their old addictive behavior. One such location, the SyMo House, sits on the flank of Mount Soledad where it provides six bedrooms for individuals who are devoted to recovery and abstinence. When you are considering any San Diego drug rehab centers, do ask if they can refer you to after-care housing to ease your re-entry into the real world.

No San Diego drug rehab centers that are worth their salt will tell you that drug detox is all the addict needs to get well. Responsible rehab involved behavioral therapies that assist the addict or alcoholic in uncovering -and coming to terms with- the reasons that they were prone to addiction in the first place. It's not enough to merely quit taking drugs or drinking. Modifying the behaviors that lead to addiction actions is crucial to a healthy, lasting recovery.

How you became addicted

If you are like many people who find themselves in need of San Diego drug rehab centers, you got your habit after an injury that was treated with strong pain medication. Drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin can be beneficial to reduce severe pain, but anyone who takes them long enough will become dependent. What this means is that not only will the patient need to take more over time to achieve the same effects, they will feel ill if they go without.

Certain chemicals such as the ones found in opiate painkillers affect the brain as well as the body. A dose of pain medicine makes your brain feel good when it releases dopamine and other special natural hormones. The problem is, once the brain is adjusted to the presence of narcotics, it doesn't make those feel-good hormones on its own. If you have been taking strong painkillers for a while, the best way to stop is with the guidance of one of the finest San Diego drug rehab centers.

La Jolla Addiction Healing Center offers a practical path back to a purposeful life wherein one lives comfortably without the shackles of addiction. We are a state-certified outpatient treatment center that helps good people shed bad habits by recognizing and controlling negative patterns. Our team of medical doctors, nutritionists, physical and spiritual coaches, and licensed therapists are here to help anyone who wishes to find their way back to a life of sanity and reasonable behavior. Our programs are customized for every level of substance abuse recovery. When you are ready to get well, please call 858-454-4357 (HELP).

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