Looking for convenient Sober Living in San Diego? La Jolla Addiction Healing Center’s structured living home, CyMo House can provide the support you need to stay firm in your commitment to sobriety. Our beautiful Sober Living home is located on scenic Soledad Mountain, giving panoramic views that are breath-taking. You can learn more about available space at CyMo by calling our outpatient treatment facility.

Making a Tough Decision

After residential treatment, it’s natural for patients to want to go home, but that’s not always the right choice. Familiarity brings the desire to slip back into comfortable situations, which can easily mean using again. Staying in Sober Living in San Diego can offer more time away from the stresses and triggers that lead to relapse. CyMo House can provide a safe place to rebuild relationships with family members, attend outpatient programs, reenter the workforce, go back to school, and learn to live in recovery.

Additional Benefits of Sober Living

You may not have considered how friends and family worry about your situation. Opting for Sober Living housing after inpatient treatment will give them exceptional peace of mind that you’re in a place that is safe and comfortable while you’re learning new skills and learning how to live outside of treatment. After treatment housing can provide a wide range of benefits, you may not have thought of, from budgeting and saving to practical lessons in how to remain sober throughout your lifetime.

More Freedom, Less Risk

While there is typically a list of house rules in any Sober Living home, you’ll find that there are many freedoms to explore at CyMo House. In between your commitment to doing chores around the house and maintaining the grounds, you’ll have time to reflect on your brand new life, time to look for employment, sign up for a class, or attend outpatient treatment programs to keep you engaged and active.

The advantage of doing all of these things in the security of Sober Living in San Diego minimizes the risk of having too much free time on your hands and nothing to do with that time. Research is clear that those who take advantage of Sober Living have a better chance of staying sober.

Avoiding Relapse

It should come as no surprise that the first year of recovery is the most crucial time in the lives of recovering addicts. Take this time to protect the investment of time and effort you’ve made in your new life and reduce the risk of relapse. The rewards of living at CyMo House significantly outweigh the costs.

We welcome you to call La Jolla AHC with your questions about Sober Living in San Diego. We’d love the opportunity to share more about our supportive living home with you and help you make the right choice for ongoing recovery. Feel free to read real testimonials about CyMo House on our website. We are proud to accept most insurance benefits and work with uninsured clients to create a payment plan to fit any budget. are proud to accept most insurance benefits and work with uninsured clients to create a payment plan to fit any budget.

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