If you are determined to sign in a rehab program, you need to choose your institution carefully. Not all rehab institutions meet the same standards with regards to quality, professionalism, and even experience. At La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, we’re defining our services according to the highest standards in the practice.

Our substance abuse treatment centers in San Diego County help numerous people escape addiction and build a new life for themselves. We know how difficult it is to escape this mental disorder and we’ve developed our programs accordingly. We now use a comprehensive approach to substance addiction rehabilitation that brings together a variety of high-end procedures. Our most valuable programs include:

Detox Assistance

The detoxification process is not a straightforward and simple procedure. This is why most people who attempt to self-treat their substance addiction with medication fail or even make things worse. The clinical detox has more facets to it than most individuals realize. Our clinical detox procedure refers to:

  • Containing the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Correct the psychological symptoms of addiction
  • Recover from emotional trauma
  • Restore the chemical balance at the brain level

All these benefits come together to form a comprehensive detoxification process whose effects extend beyond the immediate moment. Its purpose is to restore your full functionality and help you recover completely in the long-term.

Family Education and Interaction

Among the most effective ways of helping people recover from drug or alcohol addiction is by improving their psychological and emotional states. Substance addiction is dangerous because it changes your cognitive and emotional functionality. Many of our patients come with poor social skills, they’re antisocial, with anxiety disorders, etc.

Our substance abuse treatment centers in San Diego County resort to family education and interaction programs to rectify those problems. It helps to have the people you love and care about around you during the recovery period. They will support you by providing you with the emotional support that you need. We also educate family members regarding the patients’ social reintegration, how to identify relapse, and how to help them avoid social triggers.

Relapse and Coping Skills

The rehabilitation process starts within the walls of our institutions, but it expands beyond that. The real test beings with your reintegration in the social environment you live in. We’ll make sure to teach you all the coping skills you need to avoid the relapse in the long run.

Our staff is here to help you develop more self-esteem and confidence, which you’ll use to bring your life back to normal. You need professional support to escape substance addiction, but it is in your power to take control over your life. All we will do is show you the way.

Our substance abuse treatment centers in San Diego County rank among the most popular in the practice. What separates them from the rest include:

  • Highly successful programs
  • Friendly and experienced staff
  • Great residential settings
  • Extensive aftercare support

La Jolla Addiction Healing Center is one of the leading rehab institutions in the country. Contact us or come directly to our center and find out why!

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