La Jolla Addiction Healing Center is dedicated to the recovery of those who are ready to make a meaningful and lasting change in their lives.

Changing the Belief System: A Unique Approach to Treatment and Recovery

La Jolla Addiction Healing Center

La Jolla Addiction Healing Center is a state-certified outpatient treatment facility that assists clients with recognizing patterns that contribute to their suffering. We help them gain control over these patterns and learn new skills to live and grow in ways that bring the greatest meaning, purpose, and value to their lives. La Jolla Healing Center’s team is comprised of caring and skilled psychiatrists, medical doctors, licensed therapists, nutrition, physical and spiritual coaches dedicated to FIGHTING ADDICTION.

Because we understand the difficulties of integrating sobriety into the established habits of your current lifestyle, we have designed our programs to be convenient and accessible to those who have responsibilities at home, work, or school. Our programs address and treat the underlying cause of addiction through supportive individual and group counseling programs, tailored to suit all stages of substance abuse recovery.

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