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La Jolla Outpatient Addiction Treatment

LJHC provides solutions to halting the devastating downward spiral of addiction with a practical path of recovery from substance abuse. Our center offers intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP) for alcohol, substance and prescription drug abuse. We offer flexible and clinically tailored treatment options which are an effective means of recovery.

Our qualified team of skilled and caring psychiatrists, medical professionals, licensed therapists and wellness professionals provide an atmosphere that is safe and confidential for each client in our new office in downtown La Jolla.

La Jolla Healing Center is devoted to assisting clients with recognizing patterns that contribute to their suffering, assisting them to gain control over these patterns and learn new skills to live, and grow in ways that bring the greatest meaning, purpose, and value to their lives. La Jolla Healing Centers team is comprised of caring and skilled psychiatrists, medical doctors, licensed therapists, nutrition, physical and spiritual coaches dedicated to FIGHTING ADDICTION.” Founded by Dr. Kamran Zafar, La Jolla Healing Center addresses and treats the underlying cause of addiction through personalized individual and group counseling programs, tailored to suit all stages of substance abuse and recovery.

LJAHC has been successfully treating the new and recurring substance and alcohol abuser in a confidential, medically supported environment for more than twelve years through the incorporation of the 12 Step principles of AA with Dr. Kamran Zafar’s successful holistic treatment program.

We take a contemporary view of the disease that is addiction, one that combines therapies supported by leading addiction medicine researchers and clinicians worldwide and the practical hands on experience of our qualified staff.